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Let Us Take Care Of Your Goods So You Can Focus On Your Business

Thanks to our (bonded) warehouses in both China and in Europe we can offer extended services. Our warehouse in Fuzhou, Fujian province, is located at our own Longxiang Aviation Industrial Park at the Airport Economic Zone. This park is also known as the Binhai New City of Fuzhou, located in the Fuzhou Changle Airport Economic Zone. This area focuses on the development of the General Aviation Sector and is listed as the key project of Fujian Province in 2018.

CEAG CARGO operates independently and therefore has the flexibility to select the best aircraft and operators to meet your wishes. Anytime, anywhere.

Specialised in transporting a wide variety of goods

Your choice of transport depends heavily on your type of goods and the business requirements needed for the venture. Transportation should be matched with your goods to balance service, quality, cost, organization, and time. Our team is specialized to help you with that!

Machineries & vehicles

Industrial heavy equipment (like vehicles, automotive parts, industrial spare parts, and (heavy) types of machinery, etc.) requires special attention and approach.

Perishable cargo

We arrange shipment of perishable goods (like flowers, vegetables and fruit, meat, chocolates, and other dairy products, etc.), which require time-efficient and temperature-controlled treatments.


The transport of healthcare products requires compliance with high standards of safety and quality conditions during transport. We manage the safe and on-time-delivery of your most crucial cargo.

Dangerous Goods

The transport of dangerous goods must be carried out in full compliance with the stated safety requirements and technical instructions.

General Cargo

We offer an optimized solution for the shipment of your general cargo like e-commerce goods, electronics, telecommunication devices, textile, high-value goods, etc.

Specialized solutions

We provide flexible shipping services to most locations in the world, offering a cost-effective and tailor-made solution for your special requirements at the most favorable price.

Guaranteed Capacity For A Competitive Price

By signing a Block Space Agreement for the long-term, you can profit from a secured and guaranteed capacity for a competitive price. If desired, chartering the whole aircraft is even possible. CEAG CARGO has scheduled flights from and to China on an almost daily basis. By doing so, we can focus on our long-term relationship and value-creating cooperation with our customers.

We Have High-Level Cargo Bonded Warehouses in Europe and in China.

Like Nothing You Have Seen. Experience CEAG CARGO Today.

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